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The Faculty

The School of Environmental and Natural Sciences offers an unparalleled student experience, our research is changing the world in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences and is ranked 1st in the UK for the impact of our research. We also boast one of the largest groups of environmental scientists in the UK.

Our scientists are tackling climate change and addressing some of the planet’s greatest environmental issues on land and sea, such as the overuse of single-use plastics, and protecting the variety of species and ecosystems through biodiversity conservation research.

As a postgraduate student, you’ll discover our excellent teaching and our supportive community.  Our proximity to nature is not just symbolic – it’s a living, breathing reality that enhances your studies and provides a unique, inspiring setting.  We’re surrounded by nature, were also well connected to major towns and cities. Your adventure starts here:

Bangor University

Bangor is no ordinary university. It’s a place to think, a place to explore and a place to achieve.  Nestled between the mountains and the sea, Bangor is more than just beautiful: it’s a playground for nature lovers. Our commitment to providing top-tier education is reflected in the highest quality teaching delivered within a nurturing learning environment. At Bangor, we understand the importance of mentorship, and our dedicated lecturers are not just educators; they are partners in your academic journey, genuinely invested in your success. 

Bangor, Wales

Bangor is located in beautiful North Wales. Although we’re surrounded by nature, the mountains and the sea, we’re well connected and you can travel to us easily by rail or road. Nestled between the mountains and the sea, our campus is surrounded by a breathtaking natural landscape. But don’t just take our word for it – travel guide Lonely Planet named North Wales as one of the best regions in the world to visit. The location, the scenery and the surrounding area are amongst the reasons why many of our students choose to come to Bangor. One thing’s for sure, all this on your doorstep definitely adds a different dimension to student life.