Forest Policy for a Bio-economy Strategy


The course is organized in two parts.
(i) In the first part the methodology to analyse a policy process is presented looking at the context, the issues, the stakeholders involved, the political process and describing the instruments of policy. We then discuss how to deal with a problem of policy design and implementation and we will describe the main governance issues.
(ii) In the second part sectoral policies related to forest resources are analysed: we start with international and European forest policies and then we discuss rural development policies, trade policies aimed to reduce the problems of illegality in the wood value chain, climate change policies with special reference to the institutional and voluntary markets for the Carbon credits, renewable energy policies.

Learning Outcome

The course general objective is to reach a knowledge and understanding in the field of forest-related policies to handle complexity and formulate judgements on the decisions taken by public and private actors related to the use of forests, with special reference to the European context.

The course is structured in two parts and different teaching units. A blended learning approach is used. All the main contents of the course are discussed in frontal lectures. For each unit in the Moodle platform of the course the slides used during the lessons, some readings, other learning material, a checklist of the contents of the unit and, for some units, one or more tests are made available.

Written and oral exams.
The written exam is based on a series of open questions (one for each module of the course). The oral part is a 20 minutes discussion on the contents of the course. The oral exam can be passed in the same day of the written test.


Type of assessment: 

The final mark is the weighted sum of 3 criteria:
– the active participation to the lessons and the marks of the short essays prepared during the lessons (20%)
– the written test (40%)
– the oral exam (40%)

Marking scale: 30-point grading scale 

Re-exam: Re-examination identical to ordinary examination.